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Software Developer

RemoteBarcelona, Catalunya [Cataluña], SpainEngineering

Job description

Software Developers, you are very welcome!

Remote, Spain or Barcelona, Spain

At Qualifyze, we help pharmaceutical companies to guarantee that the medicines, pills, and other medical treatments that we all take to feel better are top quality and safe for us. We do that by regularly qualifying pharmaceutical suppliers collecting, processing, and monitoring supply chain information (production, logistics, quality, etc.). With that information, our customers and the overall industry can spot areas of improvement, potential risks, or new business opportunities.

Thereby we not only contribute to greater supply chain transparency, but also to increased patient safety.

Development Team

More than 10 people are responsible for developing and maintaining our B2B Digital Platform that supports the auditing process with customers, suppliers, auditors, and our internal Quality area. It also offers analytics to customers to get insights into the compliance status of their supply chain. Last, the platform also helps manage customers’ internal audits.

Our current platform is developed in Typescript, running in Lambdas in AWS, architectured with multiple microservices, and a couple of user interfaces developed using ReactJS.


The main challenges that the Development team is facing are increasing the development speed and quality. We want to do that by simplifying our landscape, introducing Clean Architectures like Hexagonal Architecture, and testing more outside-in with unit testing and less with end-to-end testing.


  • Support the Product team evaluating possible ways of solving the business problems

  • Implement the User Stories in the Backlog with quality and according to our working agreements

  • Guide the other team members in the direction of keeping technical debt in check

  • Assist other team members in making the right software design choices

  • Propose improvements in our ways of working, product, and tech stack

  • Strive for simple and well tested solutions

  • Apply Boy/Girl Scout for leaving the platform better while working on it

  • Work in the Backend as in the Frontend

Job requirements

About you

  • Motivated by Development Good Practices

  • Experience with Clean Architectures and Testing

  • Experience developing APIs

  • Experience with programming languages like Typescript, PHP, Kotlin, Java, or similar

  • Experience with some JS frontend framework like ReactJS

  • Professional Fluent English (we can help you with training)

Bonus points

  • Cloud environments like AWS

  • Experience with NodeJS and Typescript

  • Experience with a NodeJS framework like NestJS or similar

  • Docker experience

  • Passionate about Domain-Driven Design