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Data Engineer

RemoteBarcelona, Catalunya [Cataluña], SpainEngineering

Job description

Data Engineers, you are very welcome!

Full remote within Spain or Barcelona, Spain

At Qualifyze, we help pharmaceutical companies to guarantee that the medicines, pills, and other medical treatments that we all take to feel better are top quality and safe for us. We do that by regularly qualifying pharmaceutical suppliers collecting, processing, and monitoring supply chain information (production, logistics, quality, etc.). With that information, our customers and the overall industry can spot areas of improvement, potential risks, or new business opportunities.

Thereby we not only contribute to greater supply chain transparency, but also to increased patient safety.

Following solid traction, since our go-live in 2019, we are now scaling our business model. We are backed by top-tier VCs and business angels and are looking to grow our team of 40 in our two offices in Frankfurt and Barcelona. Reach out to us if you want to take a vital role in transforming supplier qualification in pharma and other industries.

The Qualifyze Product, Tech and Data team is responsible for:

  • “Building the Right Thing”: Discover the right customer problems to solve and define the scalable solutions that are highly profitable and future proof
  • “Building the Thing Right”: Building such solutions with the right amount of technology that guarantees low cost of maintenance, high speed of delivery, and high quality.

The Data & CRM team is responsible for extracting, transforming, and loading data from different sources in the company (digital platform, CRM, finance, billing, etc.) to transform it into accessible and useful information. That way, the team can help in operations, tactics, and strategic decisions.

We love people…

…who are pragmatic and optimistic. People who don’t see problems, but solutions. People who do whatever is necessary to get things done no matter roles, reporting lines, politics, etc. People who are service-oriented, committed, and make things happen. People who don’t blame but find ways of improving. People who feel passionate about teaching and learning. People who want to have fun, learn, and share while being challenged. People who love software development and know about it.


The main challenge in the Data area is to create a rock-solid automatization of the ETL processes, and guarantee consistency between the sources. We have already some processes in place, but we need to raise the bar. For that, we work with multiple technologies like Make, Zapier, GCE, AWS, Redshift, Glue, etc.


  • Understanding the data needs of the company and planning along with the analysts how these needs are going to be translated into solid data structures
  • Writing the required ETLs from scratch to help us build an effective Data Warehouse
  • Maintaining the ETLs and assuring that daily/weekly executions run smoothly and without errors
  • Managing the different resources used for writing, running, and maintaining our ETLs
  • Establishing sanity checks to catch data anomalies in the ETLs as early as possible
  • Constantly improving our data structures

Job requirements

About you

  • Experience writing ETL processes in AWS Glue or similar, S3 & Redshift

  • Preferable knowledge of Python (however Java/Scala could also work)

  • Experience with ETL additional tooling like Pyspark or similar

  • Very good knowledge of SQL

  • Professional Fluent English

Bonus points

  • Experience in AWS basic management (IAM, roles, groups, etc.)

  • Writing ETLs consuming from APIs

  • Experience working with Apache Parquet files

  • Experience with other ETL tooling like Airflow, Luigi, or similar

  • Experience working in agile and/or start-up environment

  • Good communication skills